Trikanoid - The ultimate remake of Arkanoid


Trikanoid is a remake of the famous Arkanoid arcade game from the 80s.

All features of the original game have been implemented, like all the different power-ups, the annoying, but sometimes useful aliens and such.

Since both the main authors did own a ZX Spectrum back in time, emphasis has been put on implementing some of the uniqueness of the ZX Spectrum implementation that were released for this machine.

Instead of making a true nostalgically remake of Arkanoid (Monochrome graphics, synthetic sounds), the aim of Trikanoid was to implement the same idea on modern computers of today.

Screenshot of level 2 from Spectrum version Screenshot of level 2 from Trikanoid

Comparison of ZX Spectrum version of Arkanoid and Trikanoid


Level 33 - Doh

Trikanoid features the following:

  • 33 different levels
  • End of game monster (Doh) at level 33
  • Stunning graphics
    • Different background for each level
    • Animations
    • Graphical effects
  • High quality music
    • 8 different in game music scores
    • 8 diffent in game soundscapes
    • 4 additional scores, for menu, game won etc.
    • Gripping sound effects and voices
  • A cool 'old school' intro to the game
  • And a lot of other goodies


  • FreedownloadCenter User Choice award FreedownloadCenter Editor awards
    This game comes with amazing looking GUI that soothes anybody’s eyes with just one look. Like the original game Trikanoid also offers almost all kinds of gaming features that promises to keep you at the edge of your seat. The game is meant for all age groups and is a sure means of killing boredom or refreshes once minds after going through some hard time at the job.....

    The Trikanoid for your Mac OS is not just a mere makeover of Arkanoid. It involves almost all kinds of new and modern technology one can think of that makes it among the best games in its range and in the segment..... Read the complete review at review

    Freeshareware Depot review
    Trikanoid is an addictive game specially designed for users who want to play old-fashioned games, but with graphics, sounds and new functions, according to the actual computer power capabilities....

    Finally, we recommend this revamped version of the Arkanoid named Trikanoid; in our test, we found it very stable, free of bugs or flaws and provide all the rich game-playing experience found only on commercial games.
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    BetaNews rating
    The old monochrome graphics and synthetic sounds probably wouldnt appeal too much, so instead theyve used high resolution backgrounds, quality animations, and a professional soundtrack: it’s all very polished....

    Trikanoid is an excellent game, a great revival of an arcade classic which just might keep you occupied for a very long time. Read the complete review at review

    PC Advisor review
    Trikanoid is an interesting remake of the 80's arcade game, "Arkanoid".

    Trikanoid really is very well presented, with high resolution backgrounds, and quality animations and graphics. Even the music (a notorious weak point for this kind of project) manages to not be annoying. Read the complete review at PC Advisor review

    Download Crew review
    A fun remake of Arkanoid with impressive graphics and audio. Download Crew review

    Download Crew review
    Trikanoid remains a fun video remake, along with great appear and graphics, and the new mouse management makes it far more playable than ever. Read the complete review at Lazyhacks review

    Download Crew review
    I love the way the creators of Trikanoid did their best to improve the old Arkanoid. They worked just like the people in museums preserve old works of art to be enjoyed by modern audiences. Triumph remakers stood true to their name and managed to remake Arkanoid, and they triumphed in it. New music, new sound effects, new backgrounds breathe a fresh breath of life into an ancient game, improving it and making it as enjoyable as it used to be in 1986. Softarea51 review review
    Trikanoid is a fantastic Breakout game, and once you start playing it, you will definitely become addicted!

    Trikanoid is a highly-polished Breakout\Arkanoid game that every fan of the genre is sure to love. While it is a remake of the classic Arkanoid game at heart, a lot of work has been put into updating it, so it looks and sounds amazing.....

    Definitely one of the better Breakout games out there. Read the complete review at review

    Macworld Review
    A quality remake of the classic 80's game, "Arkanoid"

    And while the nature of the game means it's never going to be the most visually appealing, Trikanoid really is very well presented, with high resolution backgrounds, and quality animations and graphics. Even the music (a notorious weak point for this kind of project) manages to not be annoying. Read the complete review at Macworld review

    Phpriot Review
    If you were a fan of the famous Arkanoid arcade game from the 80s, then you will definitely like Trikanoid, a fantastic and true-to-form remake of the old classic.

    But if you are worried about Trikanoid being old and boring, breathe a sigh of relief. This is because instead of making a truly nostalgic remake with monochrome coloring and synthetic sounds, the main idea was to transfer the feeling of the game onto a more modern play structure of today. Since its release, Trikanoid has received numerous positive reviews and has won a number of awards for its playability, graphics, and just overall gaming quality .So if you were ever a fan of the classic game Arkanoid, you will definitely enjoy Trikanoid. Read the complete review at Phpriot review

    Softwareinformer Review
    Trikanoid is an entertaining arcade game with stunning graphics and 33 different levels.

    The game also offers different background for each level, animations, various graphical effects, gripping sound effects, high quality music and voices that will make an enjoyable gameplay experience. Read the complete review at Softwareinformer review review
    Trikanoid is one freeware Classic Games that can be your inspiration for many uses on your computer...

    You will regret it if you have never downloaded and installed Trikanoid review review
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The guilt ones

  • Carl Aaby
Graphics, Music and Sound Effect
  • Kim Berg
Female voices
  • Astrid T. Haug

Project Log

Start date:
  • October 2011
First release date:
  • 25.06.2012

Version History

V1.0First release
V1.1Reduced size of download by 70%
Added toggle between normal pad movement, and ball speed dependant movement.
V1.2 Added support for mouse control
Added toggle for pad movement in main menu
Added some on-screen instructions